Why should we measure impact?

There are 167,000 charities in the UK with a combined income of over £73bn, employing 800,000 people. Last year the sector receive £14bn in central and local government money, most of which (circa £12bn) was through delivering contracted services. With limited funding to go around, it is now more vital than ever for charities and social enterprises to understand and demonstrate the value of what they do. 

Strong impact measurement and reporting enables organisations to:

  • Grow: understanding and communicating the full social value and impact of your organisation makes it easier to secure more funding, and to recruit and retain the staff to deliver against it.
  • Improve: knowing what activities deliver impact enables you to focus more resources on what works, and less on what does not, improving your use of funds to achieve your mission.
  • Engage: communicating robust impact analysis helps you to build stronger relationships with stakeholders whether they are internal (staff, Trustees, investors and partners) or external (the public, beneficiaries, funders, donors and volunteers).

Impact Design Service

Design an impact measurement and reporting system for your project or organisation

Bid Support Service

Detailed estimates of the wider impact and value of your proposals to commissioners, donors and funders.

Impact Improvement Service

Business analysis and research capabilities help your organisation to improve operational performance and social value.