Stronger together

In an ever-evolving landscape, working together is crucial to delivering impact. That means collaboration with diverse organisations, each bringing their own unique contribution. And, together, creating social change that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Consortia and partnerships can be challenging. The very diversity that makes a consortium a strong proposition can, at times, be the source of these challenges. Diverse values, capabilities, levels of experience and capacity, need to be resolved across complex stakeholder relationships. All of this with limited internal resources and high communications demands, often at a point where time is against you.

Whatever point your consortium or partnership is at, The Good Consultancy can help you to achieve your objectives. We offer the outside perspective, with independence and and a commitment to delivering social impact that every partner can support. And we bring the experience and resources to make your partnership work like a well-oiled machine.

  • Values, Vision and Objectives: We will help you to align and develop a shared understanding of the consortium and what it sets out to do. Establish each partner's role, contribution and rationale for participation.
  • Design, Build and Deliver: Whether your consortium is ahead of the curve or responding to an immediate opportunity, we will provide guidance, leadership and coaching to develop a joint response that works.
  • Your Team:  Any consortium or partnership needs the combined resources to work together. We can provide this. Whether it is a partnership Project Management Office, communications support or an outsourced Business Development Team. We will be part of your team, committed to achieving your objectives.