Integrated Impact & Social Value Commissioning

Public sector commissioners - local authorities, commissioning groups, or any other public body - are required to give consideration to the social value created through their procurement. The House of Lords Select Committee on Charities has proposed that this is taken further to require accounting for social value. 

Trusts and foundations face increasingly challenges in comparing and assessing the impact of applications for funding from an increasingly diverse and innovative sector.

The Good Consultancy Social Value Initiative has a suite of services and tools to enable any funding body to effectively implement funding strategies that maximise social value, and the tools to measure, monitor and evaluate social impact performance of contractors and grants.


Impact Design Service

Design your strategic social value objectives and design the measurement system to help you monitor and report your impact.

Commissioning Design & Market Engagement

Support to design your social value approach to maximise impact, Engagement with stakeholders, applicants and markets to educate them on adopting and responding to the social value agenda.

Reporting, Evaluation & Monitoring

Regular reporting on social value metrics with evaluations and contract/grant monitoring. Consistent, accurate and reportable impacts using recognised and reputable methodologies.