Community Provision Budget Administration for Brighter Futures


We are pleased to announce that The Good Consultancy is managing the procurement of the Community Provision Fund Administration for Brighter Futures


Opportunity Overview

Brighter Futures is the title of a proposed Project to be co-funded by the Big Lottery Building Better Opportunities Fund and European Social Fund. It will be delivered across Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (‘LLEP’) area by the Brighter Futures Partnership (‘the Partnership’), led by Business 2 Business Limited.

Brighter Futures is an exciting opportunity to transform the lives of the most vulnerable local residents.

An outline of the Project is available to view here.

The Community Provision Budget (CPB) will be a single budget available to make small purchases (maximum £15,000) to commission services, activities and events in the Leicester & Leicestershire LEP area from local community organisations.

The Brighter Futures Partnership is seeking an appropriately qualified partner to administer the Community Provision Budget on behalf of the Partnership.


Please click to download the specification and the request for quotation to find out more about this opportunity and how to tender.

Social Value Initiative Launches

We are pleased to announce the Social Value Initiative, a new suite of services and tools to help impact organisations, companies and commissioners to maximise social value.

Who is it for?

The Social Value Initiative is aimed at any organisation that delivers positive social impact through its activities, or that funds the delivery of social impact.

What is it?

The Social Value Initiative is a 5-step process for maximising social value. From Strategy & Design through to Maximisation, we will help your organisation to:

  • Impact Organisations: measure, communicate and improve the social impact you deliver, increasing your ability to compete for funding and deliver your mission.
  • Companies: design your CSR programme (based on internationally recognised ISO 26000 practices), then evaluate and report on the impact it delivers.
  • Commissioners, trusts & foundations: design commissioning and funding that maximises social value against your objectives, then evaluate and report on the performance.

The Social Value Initiative brings together The Good Consultancy's expertise in social impact, recognised industry practice from the unique ISO 26000 approach to social responsibility, and our unique partnership with Social Profit Calculator, an innovative tool for calculating social value.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits for charities and social enterprises:

  • Understand and communicate the impact you deliver to staff, stakeholders, donors and funders;

  • Make your project delivery more effective, making better use of your income to maximise social value;

  • Win more funding from sophisticated institutional donors by maximising and quoting social value in applications;

  • Measure and evaluate the impact that projects actually deliver.

Commissioners, funders and companies benefits:

  • Companies can demonstrate Social Value when bidding for public sector contracts;

  • Improved oversight, measurement and reporting of the Social Value delivered by CSR programmes, funding rounds and commissioning;

  • Easier to meet the requirements of Public Services and Social Value Act.


The first step is to give us a call so we can talk through your objectives and potential requirements. 

The Value of Social Impact Measurement

Social Impact Measurement is an exciting approach that enables you to measure all the good your organisation does. It adds value across the whole organisation: delivering a clearer Vision, continuous Improvement and increasing your Growth prospects.

Vision & Mission

Put simply, Social Impact is what your organisation does. Measuring it helps to articulate your vision and mission to staff, beneficiaries, funders and other stakeholders. If your organisation empowers people with disabilities, then measuring your impact will tell the world just how many people you have empowered and what the impact of that has been – jobs, income, well-being, or whatever else you choose to measure.


Social Impact Measurement improves organisations by highlighting all the things they are doing well, and those where they could do better. Continuous Social Impact Monitoring fits neatly into continuous improvement. Social Impact Measurement helps organisations to:

  • Boost their efficiency by highlighting where they make the biggest impact to better focus their efforts;
  •  Develop better products and services by helping them to understand how they help their beneficiaries and achieve a positive social impact, and where they can develop their impact further;
  • Expose new opportunities, by revealing areas they may not have realised they were having a positive social impact; and
  • Develop (and motivate) staff by better targeting recruitment and training. 


Social Impact Measurement is an important tool for growth. Organisations branching out, growing in size or scope, or exploring new opportunities, can harness Social Impact Measurement to help them achieve even greater impact through a number of channels:

  • Marketing – Social Impact Measurement can help generate performance figures and marketing material (e.g. through customer feedback) which can demystify an organisations work for the public and generate greater interest in their mission;
  • Funding/commissioning – Social Impact performance figures are helpful when applying for funding or a competitive tender; they provide the essential evidence that you deliver what you say you will. With the Social Value Act now in place, providing evidence of your social impact can give you a competitive advantage;
  • Stakeholders/Partners – By measuring things like the impact various activities have on each other, Social Impact Measurement helps an organisation understand their relationships with partners and stakeholders, as well as their market. Social Impact Measurement also generates material that can inform stakeholders about and organisations values and mission.

We hope that this is a helpful way to think about Social Impact Measurement and all of the great work it can do for any organisation hoping to do good.

Just starting out on your Social Impact Measurement journey? Get in touch to find out how we can help you put in place a Social Impact Measurement framework that delivers real benefits. Call us now on 020 7193 4770 to get started.

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